Emotional Aaron Rodgers Praises Team’s Effort


Green Bay’s season and their big winning streak are over after the Atlanta Falcons’ offense had a field day against the Packers defense. They have won six straight games to end the regular season, get to the postseason and win the NFC North. They had a great match, especially the second half, against the New York Giants and then went to Dallas and eliminated the best NFC squad during the regular season.

Injuries, playing on the road and the defense that is just not good enough spelled their doom yesterday. Still, it was a great year for the Green Bay Packers, considering how they started the season. Aaron Rodgers is going nowhere, the offensive line is set in stone, and those wideouts have developed the chemistry with their signal caller.

Speaking of him, Rodgers was emotional after the game, a bit disappointed, but overall proud when he took a look at the run that the Packers had in the last two months.

“I’m proud of these guys,” Rodgers said. “Our backs were against the wall eight weeks in a row, and we won some big games. We just came up a little short.”

“If this has taught us anything, it’s how important home-field advantage is,” Aaron stated. “You get to sleep in your own bed, not have to travel, have the fan support. It makes a big difference. We’ve played in three of these now, all on the road. It’s tough to win on the road.”

Packers are ready to reload, revamp and get that defense in order. When they do that, they will be a popular pick to get to the Super Bowl next season. Rodgers and this crew will be competing for years to come and since the offseason is here they will even have the chance to improve their roster on some positions.