Top 7 Essential House Clean Appliances

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The average person spends at least 30 minutes each day for cleaning and doing other maintenance activities throughout their homes. In a single month, that means people are spending more than 24 hours or a full day on those backbreaking cleaning tasks like scrubbing the shower or cleaning up those annoying stains on your carpets.

If you can’t keep up with the cleaning of your home and do not have huge sums of money to spend on a maid, there are ways where you can help yourself. We have made a list of one of the best cleaning appliances for your house.

Blind duster

Dusting your window blinds is not just a tedious task, but it is nearly impossible to do without the proper tool. Getting those blinds dust-free is now much easier with this blind duster tool which can cut down your window blinds cleaning time from minutes to just a few seconds.

Pet hair removal broom

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Anyone with pets can tell you that cleaning up their carpets from fur and hair feels simply impossible. However, with these rubber brooms with bristles can safely comb out all the pet hairs out of your textiles without doing any damage to them. This item is a must if you have a pet and you want your furniture and carpets to look brand new.

Deep clean brush set

A bit of a cleaning detergent spray and paper towels can do a lot of cleaning, but those tiny crevices and corners that you just can’t reach on your own so consider getting yourself a good deep clean brush set. They are the best for cleaning those hard to reach places like your shower, tub, windowsill or your sink. These do not take any space at all but have an amazing impact on the cleanliness of your home.


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Vacuuming is probably one of the most essentials parts of keeping your floors and carpets clean. Vacuuming also reduces the number of bacteria in the air that will bring a healthier life in your home. Vacuums can collect anything from dust and hair to dirt and bigger debris from your floors without any effort. If you want to find a good vacuum for your home then make sure you check out this website.

Magic eraser

These melamine sponges that were made famous by Mr.Clean is minimally abrasive which can clean up any messes with very little effort and without doing damage to the surfaces below. Whether it is wine stains on your walls or if your kids started drawing masterpieces on the walls, you will have no problems cleaning with the magic sponge.

Spin scrubber

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Many people have already given up on those hard to reach tiles at the top of your bathroom. However, with a spin scrubber, you can easily reach these areas and make them clean and looking brand new.

Steam mops

If you want to get your floors properly clean that you can eat off of them, then it is smart to get yourself a steam mop. These mops heat water to produce steam which can clean any surface and reduce all microscopic bacterias on your floor, which will keep your kids safe when they are rolling around on the floor. You check Home Dorks and find good steam mop ideas.