5 Best Color Combinations for a Hall

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An important part of decorating a home is the color combination. They will set the perfect tone of the house and even influence the mood of residents, even in environments such as hallways. But it is not at all easy thing to achieve. Only a professional painter can give us confidence. This is why when we hire a Malerkanonen.dk professional to do the color matching, it doesn’t even come to mind everything that needs to be taken into account when making that decision. Here, in this article, we will tell you the best 5 combinations which you can use in your hallways.

What is the best way to combine colors?

Combine the yellow paint with shades of orange, green and brown. The red paint can be combined with shades of orange, lilac, violet and brown. The blue tone harmonizes with purple, lilac and green. To form purple, mix blue and red. The orange hue is the mixture between the yellow and red. Green is a mixture of yellow and blue. Based on the paint mix it is possible to harmonize an environment. For example, a red sofa combines with orange pillows. A good way for color matching is to take into account the shades that have been mixed.

Colors that match blue

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Blue is a primary and cool one. It conveys tranquility and is therefore recommended for use in rooms such as the bedroom and the living room. In the complementary color combination, it is associated with orange. In analogs, it can be combined with green or purple. In the triad and square paint combination, blue can be combined with yellow, pink, orange, green and red.

Colors that match red

Red is also a primary one, but it is warm. This vivid and strong one brings vitality to the places where it is applied. Some prefer to use neutral tones with it so as not to overload the spaces or use it only in detail, “freeing” space for other colors.

Colors that match yellow

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The last primary one is yellow which is also hot and considered alive. This one brings brightness and transmits youth to the spaces. Its complementary color combination is with purple, while the analogs are orange and green. The combination of triangular and square ones adds blue and red as options.

Colors that match green

Green is a cool dye that refers to nature and the renewal of energies. According to the color circle, their complementary combination is red, while their analogs are yellow and blue. In the triangular and square combination, orange and purple are added.

Colors that match brown

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Brown, as a neutral one forms the basis for a wide variety of combinations. From beige to metallic and bold colors, brown is a good one for those who don’t want to dare so much. But to avoid the risk of your decor being too sober, consult with your professional painter and make no mistakes.

Color combination guide palettes

The time has come to do paint matching for your home. So where to start? There are many paint options available today. So how do you choose which ones to use for your project? With the color circle, the combination becomes simpler. This tool basically consists of a circle formed by colors that are perceived by the human eye. In the circle, we have the primary, secondary and tertiary ones. The primaries are blue, yellow and red, those that, if mixed, give rise to the other ones. Secondary are orange, green and purple. They are the result of mixing between two primary types. The tertiary is those which are obtained with the mixture of secondary ones.