Essential SEO focus areas for colleges and universities

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In digital marketing, search engine optimization has always been an instrumental tool for the success of any marketing campaign. However, colleges and universities, particularly those with smaller marketing budgets and departments, often face difficulties when it comes to implementing their SEO strategies.

Not only does SEO require constant trial and error as algorithms are constantly changing, but SEO is also not something that you do haphazardly only to hope for success. For it to work effectively, colleges and universities must always do their best to reconceptualize and revisit their SEO practices to determine if they are working for the success of the organization.

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SEO audits

Before you can start to improve your SEO practices, universities and colleges must conduct an SEO audit to determine the things that are working and improve on them, as well as assess what is not so that adjustments can be made. SEO audits are essential because they allow universities and colleges to identify and prioritize their best tactics.

Pay attention to mobile friendliness

Because of how central mobile phones have become to contemporary life, mobile versions of websites now outrank desktops ones when it comes to ranking in the search listings. Because most target students for colleges and universities are often fresh out of high school, institutions of higher learning must, therefore, make adjustments to ensure that their websites are mobile friendly and optimized accordingly. If your target students have a difficult time accessing your website on their phones, they will not be likely to stick around.

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Optimize URLs

The way that universities and colleges name URLs matters. If the URLs used to consist of a number of random numbers and letters, search engines will not be able to understand them, which will, therefore, affect your page ranking negatively. Page URLs should always attempt to explain what a page might contain.

For instance, if a page contains information about financial aid, the URL must be logical such as Where possible, universities and colleges should also add keywords or search times that students are likely to search for in order to make it easier for target students to find the information that they require.

Optimize for local

Location plays a significant role in where your target audience chooses to apply. As such, SEO in Higher Education Marketing should always be optimized for local first and for an international second. Location-based searched can ensure that you target students that are looking for education opportunities in their local region. Visit the website for more information about it.