8 Essentials and Gadget You Should Have in Your Garage


Every proud homeowner has to have a well-equipped and neatly organized garage space on their property. A house is not complete without a specifically designated space where the family can store away their rarely used things, as well as those too big and cumbersome objects that do not fit with the overall design of the interior.

Although their primary use is to house the family vehicle and protect it from the elements, and besides storage, most garages also double as work stations. The handyman or handywoman of the household pays close attention to the comfort and convenience of this important area of their property.

In this article, we will go over some of the essentials and the most useful gadgets everyone should have in their garage. No matter what you use it for, you will find at least some of these cleverly designed things useful.

  1. Automatic Door Opener

In the world of technology, nobody wants to manually open and close their garage door, especially if they own a heavy and secure type. Nowadays, there are dozens of different solutions for automatic door closing and opening. Smartphone-related gadgets are gaining prominence quickly. They use Wi-Fi and are easy to control. If you want a different device, you can always get the one that comes with a special remote you keep in your car or a sensor that you attach to it.

  1. Garage Lighting


Without good lighting, you will not be able to work in all weather conditions. Since rain and snow tend to fall in unpredictable and often inexplicable directions, homeowners usually close the garage doors. This leaves you with a few small windows at best, so smart lighting solutions are key. And by “smart,” we mean modern lighting that can be programmed and personalized for your respective needs. Motion sensors are another good option to consider. If you are environmentally conscious, you will appreciate the less amount of power you need with either of these two types of garage lighting.

  1. Tool Organizer

For those of you who have tons of different tools, a good storage system will not only make your garage cleaner and more convenient but more professional-looking too. A wall organizer for regular tools like pliers, screwdrivers, and hammers is a must. Add in a screw and bolt holder with multiple compartments to easily grab what you need. Next to this, you can attach hooks that will hold your brooms, brushes, shovels, and other gardening tools. A special power and air tool rack is another way to go. Depending on your arsenal of tools, design a combination of pegboards, holders, organizers, hooks, shelves, and racks. The thing to keep in mind while doing it is the ease of access you will have once the garage is set.

  1. Cabinets


Regarding the storage feature of your garage, cabinets are the most popular solution. Dedicate a portion of a wall, or a corner, to storing things you do not need or use that often. Depending on the interior and space, multiple types of closets and cabinets are available. Most people opt for either steel or plastic, because of their sturdiness and strength, and maneuverability and weight, respectively. If you have extra tools that you use only a couple of times per year and not enough hooks or racks, store it away in a tall wardrobe-like storage unit. In case you need mobility, rolling storage units with wheels are another fan-favorite option you can utilize. These often double as mobile workstations.

  1. Convenient and Valuable Miscellaneous

Often overlooked and forgotten about, there are dozens of things that make our lives easier. For example, you can install door protectors on a garage wall to prevent bumps and scratches to your car. Speaking of bumps and keeping your vehicle safe, in case you have limited room and your car just narrowly fits inside, laser parking sensors may help you, especially if your car does not have park-assist features and cameras. While we are on the topic of lasers, if you measure a lot during your garage and yard work, we highly advise you to invest in a Bluetooth laser measure for an easier measuring experience that requires less time. These are quite useful for long-distance measuring. To learn more about these nifty tools and purchase one yourself, visit this website.

  1. Workbench


Speaking of workstations, a quality workbench is one of the most important things a garage needs. For a classy look and feel, especially if you do delicate work, a wooden workbench may be the answer. If you usually do something that makes more mess and requires sturdiness and durability, stainless steel or even iron workbenches are there for you. In any case, a workbench should be the centerpiece of your garage. A good design idea is to put it right between your tool section and your storage units. If you wish to have a beautifully designed garage with matching sections and details, there are companies out there that specialize in making custom garage furniture. They can easily design and produce an all-in-one workbench-tool-storage-cabinet unit. However, it will cost you!

  1. Bike, Sports Equipment, Kayak Storage

Depending on your love for outdoor activities, your garage will require specialized storage for the activity you love the most. If it is cycling, bike racks and lifters that store multiple bicycles are a lifesaver. If you love kayaking, overhead ceiling hooks and hoists save tons of space. Pro-tip, these also work great for ladders. Since storage is not very convenient for all the different balls, helmets, and bats, a separate, kid-friendly storage unit for sports equipment is what more and more garages have.

  1. Alarm System


Now that you have all the necessary storage sections neatly organized, your doors automatically closed, and your lighting automatically turned off, some security is in order. Although not everyone thinks of the garage as the most valuable part of their home, it actually may be. Since it stores your car and/or motorcycle, bicycles, and dozens of expensive power tools and sports equipment, it could be a while before you recover from a potential garage theft. A quality alarm system is a must-have for every garage, no matter how many things you keep inside. Pair that with a security camera that oversees the street and you are golden!