Eva Marie Talks About Similarities Between WWE And Acting


Eva Marie has been one of the worst wrestlers in the WWE in the recent memory. Even though she has improved during her tenure with the company, the fact of the matter was that she really didn’t belong on the main roster. So, why did they push her? Well, she had the look. That is the best asset that she had.

As a matter of fact, we know that the look that you have is something that can get you really far in the WWE. Men that are muscular have always had the advantage over those that weren’t that developed. The same thing goes for women. The hotter you are, the more likely is for you to be successful. That was the main rule back in the day. Now, for the most part, women need to be able to move in the ring.


But, as you can see, there is always an exception to the rule. Eva Marie is just that. Probably the hottest women on the roster that is also the worst wrestler. WWE wanted to use that to market her the right way, but she never became something that they have hoped.

She left the company, and this girl is now into acting. Recently, she has talked about the similarities between the world of wrestling and acting. Here is what All Red Everything Eva Marie had to say.

“Honestly, they are very similar. In the ring, you’re constantly working out and honing your craft, and you’re doing the same thing with acting, too. Taking classes and working with vocal coaches. I think the thing that stands out for me is that in the WWE, we were in a new city every night. When you go to a movie set, though, you get to be at the same location for awhile.”