Who Is The Wrestler Of The Year?


There are quite a few candidates to be the wrestler of the year. A couple of them are in the WWE while others are earning their money dominating the Indy scene. Some of these guys are waiting for WWE to call their agents and sign them up to the NXT while there are a lot of them that are refusing to come to the biggest company in the business. They are enjoying their success on the indy scene while also making a lot of money.

One of those guys is Kenny Omega. He has rejected the WWE according to the reports as he doesn’t believe that the time is right for him to go there. Why would he? Right now, the case can be made that he is the most popular wrestler in the world. After what he did with Okada on a couple of occasions, there is no doubt that he gained a lot of fans in 2017.

Sports Illustrated even called him the wrestler of the year. After the kind of 2017 that he had, there is no doubt that they have the right to give him that honor. In the process of them picking Omega, they knew that there would be a lot of people asking about why Styles is not in his position.


Well, they were prepared for that and took the time to explain their choice. Here is what they wrote about AJ Styles.

“And Omega was certainly better than Styles in 2017. The Cleaner is the alpha and the omega when it came to pro wrestling this past year. Omega is otherworldly in the ring, delivering memorable affairs with Minoru Suzuki, Kazuchika Okada, Michael Elgin, and helped Juice Robinson to the finest match of his career.”