Evan Williams Suggests Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s Future Moves

Twitter building

Evan Williams, former CEO of Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) and presently a board member said that news is what Twitter excels at. He added that news had been a priority for Twitter for many years. However, it can improve on assisting people to find relevant stories.

According to Williams, Twitter is primarily a news platform. In the beginning, it wasn’t clear what it was. As per some people, it was a social network. Others termed it as a microblogging site. Since 2009, the organization looked at it as a real-time information network.

Regardless of the topic, Twitter will certainly have all the information users are seeking. Firsthand accounts, speculations, and links to stories as soon as they are released. As per Evan, Twitter has the potential to improve considerably as a tool for real-time news and information. Efforts are on at Twitter to build better methods to organize that information.

Williams hinted that Twitter needs to have new ways to connect with software developers. Twitter alienated developers many years ago when it limited developers’ access to the API that let developers get hold of Twitter data for their use. Evans described that move as one of Twitter’s strategic errors. No one benefited; the developers, users or Twitter itself. He concluded that Twitter has to do something extra to attract developers.

There are multiple things happening such as new products and new sources of revenue. When asked to elaborate on these new revenue streams, he declined to do so. According to him, there can be no complaint about Twitter’s financials.

William’s backed Twitter’s financial performance. He described the company’s revenue stream as quite good and the business as solid. However, he said there was much untapped potential with the developing of new products.

In William’s opinion, Twitter needs an exceptional leader who is dynamic and has a clear focus. Currently, Twitter has not yet finalized its CEO position.

Sources: digitaltrends, businessinsider