Ex-WWE Wrestler Heroically Saves Woman from Committing Suicide!

Source: www.people.com https://twitter.com/DBSmithjr/status/907561482954706944 Credit: Davey Boy Smith Jr./Twitter

Dave Boy Smith Jr. saves the day by stopping a woman from jumping off a bridge in Calgary!

Dave Boy Smith Jr. had a successful professional wrestling career, however, there are some things that you simply cannot compare to sports. For instance, the event that took place on Sunday night is a perfect example of that.

Smith Jr. (Harry Smith is his real name) prevented a suicide when he stopped a woman on Sunday who tried to jump off a bridge in Calgary! He used his strength and wrestling technique until she was on the ground, safe and waiting for paramedics to arrive.

Source: www.people.com

Smith shared some info on his Facebook account. ‘She started to slide and want to go more as I grabbed a hold her. Luckily my years of grappling and self defense I knew how to grab her hard, and how to pull her up from hanging off and jumping … When I yanked her off the bridge finally, I established the mount position as you do in Grappling and did not let her budge.’

According to Smith, the woman also had a gun, and that stopped him from hugging her afterward. Police arrived soon after the whole ordeal and arrested the woman. Due to the weapon possession she underwent a mental evaluation. The police thanked him for his heroic acts.

He told her: ‘Miss your not going to move unless I want you to, I’m an expert grappler and your not going to shoot me. We will get you help life is a precious thing and I’m here to help you.’

Source: www.people.com

Some say that Smith appeared to be in the right place at the right time and fortunately enough for this lady, he had the appropriate skills that saved her life! Smith was a WWE wrestler from 2006 to 2011, and the woman at hand should start watching the show because it played a major role in saving her life. Calgary police confirmed that Smith indeed saved her life.

‘I really believe if I wasn’t there and been able to grab her she would have jumped,’ ex-wrestler said. ‘It would have taken a few people at least to pull her off.’

All we can say now is – thank God that he was there! Stay safe folks, life is precious indeed!