The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 – Lagina’s struck something big!


We just recently wrote about Season 5 of The Curse of Oak Island and that there is a possibility that the brothers might strike something big, and guess what! It seems that they actually did! Just lately it seems that the team on the island is working 24/7 which makes us believe that they have found something of great importance.

Recently we reported about the discovery of the original Money Pit on the island which was shown in the series new trailer, but that was not all. That trailer also revealed more info about the chest that was found, old keys, and a historic coin as well. The chest was opened in the video, but we couldn’t see what is inside. The coin has been examined, and as we found out, it is dated to be from the period around the 1600s. A huge boulder was also discovered, and it seemed similar to other stones found in the area which were used as ancient markers, but what exactly do they mean neither us nor the brothers still know. This will be one of the big tasks throughout the season – figuring exactly what those markers mean.


The Season 5 is being filmed after a huge storm which revealed some things that were hidden on the island. These fortunate discoveries are just the thing brothers needed to prove that they didn’t spend all this time on the island in vain. Much of the things being unearthed by the storm will surely be featured in the Season 5. But there is something else more interesting happening in the area. Thanks to observation from Karen Publicover, author of the Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway blog, there seems to be a whole lot of activity there throughout the entire day, and sometimes really late at night. She even noted that there are a bunch more people on the island participating in the operation.

Besides the nearly 24/7 work being done, it seems that a lot more equipment has been spotted on the island as well. Thanks to Publicover we find out that the team doesn’t intend to slow down anytime soon. This could only mean one thing – they are up to something really good. Nevertheless what happens in the Season 5 of the Curse of Oak Island will be rather interesting. This just might be the season where the treasure is unearthed, and the Lagina brothers finally fulfill their task that brought them there in the first place.

The only bad side to the entire thing is that six people have already lost their lives in the search for the treasure and if we follow the prophecy related to this mystery one more must die before the island reveals its secrets. If you believe in this kind of things, then a Season 5 might easily bring us one more death before it shows us what we all waited to see for this long. Despite all of this Marty and Rick are highly determine and they will surely not stop for anything until they find what they came for!