This Is The Person Who Assassinated John Kennedy

Israeli journalist Arieh O’Sullivan, whose father Fred was the schoolmate with Lee Harvey Oswald and who testified before Warren Commission in 1964 as a detective, estimates that the conspiracy theorists would be disappointed when the secret documents which reveal the truth about John Kennedy assassination are published.

During the weekend, the US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that the papers, including the CIA and FBI reports, are going to be unveiled publically. Even though the conspiracy theorists are hoping to see concrete evidence provided by the journalist whose father was in the investigation, that is not likely to happen.

O’Sullivan told Israeli media: “My father and Lee grew up together in New Orleans.” They were not close friends, but they had known each other. At that point, Oswald tried to recruit journalist’s father to join Civil Air Patrol. They also met right after the murder when Fred O’Sullivan talked to the FBI that was trying to piece together Oswald’s profile. Fred O’Sullivan, who later became the chief of police, was confident that Oswald was the one who pulled the trigger.

Lee Harvey Oswald, center, in custody at a Dallas police station on Nov. 23, 1963. Credit Associated Press

The journalist says that his father believed that the assassination has had something to do with the New Orleans city area, a territory known for mobs and gangs and that Oswald had received some help. Ariah added: “A conspiracy theory existed which stated that Oswald flew from Dallas to New Orleans in somebody’s private jet, but it was examined and confirmed that the plane wasn’t used.”

His father also had a reason to assume that Cuba president Fidel Castro was involved in the murder, but he couldn’t prove it. He believed in that scenario as there was bad blood between the two leaders and Castro could have used Oswald to assassinate Kennedy. Even though the journalist’s father tried to convince everyone that it was that simple, many didn’t believe him and suspected on something else.

However, most people agree that Oswald is the killer and he explained: “What is left unpublished are the evidence that show Oswald’s activities prior to the murder. When that is out in the open, we will see whether Lee Harvey Oswald met with someone who told him what to do, or if there is something fishy which can lead us to believe that Lee is just a weapon.”

When Arieh asked his father Fred who shot Kennedy, he said: “Just Lee, by himself.” What’s your opinion on the topic?