How Real Is The Total Divas Show?

A big part of the WWE have always been the women division. Back in the day, women have just been used for their attractiveness and not their actual skills in the ring. Vince has usually hired hot girls just to run around and present themselves to the male audience. A lot of them haven’t even had proper wrestling training, but the company didn’t really care about that at all.

Now, they are much more appreciated. The skill level that these girls possess is easily comparable with the male Superstars. This is the golden age of women’s wrestling as some of the best performers in the world have come to this company, some are a part of the main roster and the NXT while many other great females competed at the Mae Young Classic.

Today, WWE has the Total Divas show where they are able to present the lives of their female Superstars and to show that they are attractive as well, but that on Raw and Smackdown Live, that is not the focus. The show is about their everyday activities, and the question is whether or not it is real or fake.

Former WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel was a part of the show for a while, but he quickly realized that it is not for him. He was dating JoJo at the time, and the producers asked him to break up on TV with her if he didn’t want to be on Total Divas. Once he did, they made him look like a total bad guy. According to him, that was unfair and completely false.

“That’s not what happened at all. A lot of it is real, but it’s about 90 percent scripted. That I just couldn’t deal with. If it’s a reality show, let me do and say whatever I want. Don’t tell me what to say and what to wear. It wasn’t very organic or spontaneous.”