What To Expect From Dallas Quarterbacks This Week?

Source: usatoday.com

Notice that we wrote quarterbacks in instead of a just one signal-caller. Yes, we think Tony Romo is going to see the field in the second half of the game against the Lions as Dallas has already clinched the divisional title and the home-field advantage in the postseason.

Jerry Jones likes Romo way too much not to use this opportunity to put him back on the field and show everybody that Romo can still get the job done. If he plays well, we expect him to start next week in another meaningless game for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dak Prescott is still going to start this game against a 9-5 Detroit Lions squad that is still looking to clinch the Playoff spot and their division. Prescott has rebounded from two bad games in a row, with a great performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We think he is going to play really well in the first half against the Lions defense. One TD pass with a nice completion percentage is going to do the job.

Tony Romo will enter the field in the second half. He will look pretty good, probably even better than before as he is going to throw the ball a lot. Still, we think this game is going to be close and Romo will have to win it for Dallas in the closing moments of the duel.

image source: naplesherald.com

If he does do that, the rumors will start swirling around about whether or not he should be the number one choice in the postseason and Jerry will smile. He will let Romo start next round just to prove everybody wrong. Don’t worry, this Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback drama is not over yet. It will continue in the coming weeks. Hopefully, for the squad, it will not influence their good performance so far.