Seahawks Loss To Cardinals Shakes Up The NFC


Seattle Seahawks have been a leading candidate to finish behind the Dallas Cowboys as the second seed in the NFC for a long time. Now, after their divisional rivals took them down in Seattle, they are looking at one extra match that they will maybe have to play. With this loss, they are now a half game behind the Falcons for that first round bye.

Falcons made a statement in Carolina as they doubled the Panthers and won their 10th duel of the season. Meanwhile, in Seattle, the Cardinals, who don’t have a thing to play for in the final rounds of this regular season, have just stunned the Seahawks on their home field and knocked them back in the rankings.

When the squad doesn’t have a chance to make the postseason, the next best thing that you can do is to spoil the plans for your divisional rivals. They have done just that, and now Seattle is going to participate in the Wild Card weekend.


The only way for them to secure a first round bye is for Atlanta Falcons to lose to the New Orleans Saints while they have to beat the San Francisco 49ers away from home.

It’s not hard to imagine that Seahawks will win that duel with the Niners, but it’s hard to imagine Atlanta losing to New Orleans squad that has nothing to play for in the final week of the season. Atlanta is playing with house money, on their home field and it’s hard to see them slipping up and giving away this second seed in the NFC.