What To Expect From Jared Goff In His First NFL Game?


After failing to make some noise on the offensive side of the ball for God knows how long, Rams have decided that it’s time to move on from Case Keenum and give a chance to their first overall choice in the 2016 NFL Draft. Goff was healthy all season long, and injuries are not why he was sitting on the bench behind a guy like Keenum.

Jeff Fisher is the kind of coach that wants his rookie signal callers to get to know the basics of playing in the NFL before throwing them in the fire. He is the coach that was sitting Vince Young and Steve McNair as rookies. It’s not that Fisher didn’t believe that Goff isn’t the guy for this team going forward. If he hadn’t thought that Jared Goff is the man for the future, he wouldn’t have given up as much as he did before the Draft.


“Jared just wasn’t ready,” said Fisher about Jared Goff’s status before the season started, just minutes after announcing that he is going to start on Sunday. “If he was ready, he would have played. Every situation is different. He would have played if he was ready.”

A source close to Rams confirmed what we already stated, including the fact that Fisher likes his quarterback to learn how the things are done in the NFL, blitzes, reads, coverages before putting him in.

With all that said, we think Goff is going to have a good day on Sunday. Don’t expect much from him, but we believe he is going to show everybody why he was taken over many others, including Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott in the 2016 NFL Draft. We expect him to perform against this Miami team, throw two TDs with one pick. If he does that, people in the Rams organization should be pretty happy with his show in his first NFL start.