Most Explosive NFL Players… Any Cowboys?

If you are an athletically gifted player, the chances are that you are going to be successful in the NFL as a wide receiver or running back. Maybe even a corner or a linebacker, but when we talk about the explosiveness, the offense is what comes to our mind first. There are a lot of great athletes in the league, and it’s really hard to pinpoint which players have the best jets on them. So, we are here to talk about a few of the guys that are top in this segment.

Odell Beckham Jr. – New York Giants whole offense in 2016 was based on whether or not this man can make that explosive play down the field and score a touchdown. There is no doubt that Odell is one of the best in the NFL, it is his speed, quickness, and explosiveness that makes him so lethal and dangerous for opposing defenses.

Julio Jones – After the kind of season that he had, Julio Jones was ranked the highest among the receivers in the NFL on the annual Top 100 list. The combination of the size and the quickness is just something that nobody can match in the NFL right now. Jones is the real deal.

Antonio Brown – He is maybe not the tallest of the wideouts in the NFL, but this man knows how to get behind defenses and catch the balls in the end zone. What enables him to do this is otherworldly speed and explosiveness that he possesses. There is no stopping Antonio Brown on the field. You might try to slow him down and the impact on the game that he has, but you won’t shut him down completely.