Lady Dynamite Season 2 Confirmed!


Netflix recently announced that Lady Dynamite is coming back for Season 2 in 2017! The first episode aired on May 20, 2016, and it was a major hit ever since. Millions of fans have been wondering whether there will be another season or not. When will the company announce the Season 2? On July 27, 2016, Netflix picked up Lady Dynamite for another season according to some rumors. It turns out that these stories were true. Netflix confirmed that the sequel will be aired in 2017.

If we consider the ridiculously good rates of the show, the decision to renew it, was quite obvious and predictable. According to IMDB, the series has a score of 7.8 out of 10 on the basis of little over a 1,300 votes, 13 reviews and 6 critics reviews. Another site worth mentioning is Rotten Tomatoes. There the first season has an average score of 8.2 out of 10 and a stunning 97% approval rating which found its basis on 29 reviews from critics and 85% of approval coming from little over 150 votes.


This show revolves around a fictionalized variation of Mara Bamford. Maria is a popular stand-up comedian and actress. Every episode is devoted to a specific period of Bamford’s life. In the beginning, the series follows the story of an aspiring and optimistic woman full of vigor and charisma. With such a personality Maria manages to overcome every single obstacle on the way. This show suits best the people who believe that life is nothing but a game.

Lady Dynamite Season 2 Release date

Lady Dynamite had its debut in May, and as we have already mentioned, it was highly praised by a lot of critics and viewers. Considering the successful start, Netflix confirmed the second season which is set to air in 2017. No exact date has been revealed yet, unfortunately. However, we will be listening closely for any kind of information and will be the first to let you know about the Season 2 premiere date! And you wouldn’t want to miss the premiere right? So stay tuned and hang in there! We’ll notify you as soon as we get something!