Extremely High CBD Seeds


Even though we can see that the highest percentage of cannabis consumers consume it solely for the effects of THC, we can see that the percentage of people who use only CBD grows by the day. The reason is many people seek CBD purely for the medical benefits it provides to the human health. Furthermore, we can see that CBD became the main therapy for a lot of people with their health conditions. The need for it was the main reason companies from the US started developing a wide array of different products that provide all of these benefits to people.

Based on the decision you will make, you can significantly affect the condition you have and prevent some of its negative effects. As all of our readers are probably aware, there is only one way how CBD works when inside a human body. It works by stimulating cannabinoid receptors. As we’ve already mentioned there are literally countless products and strains you can actually use.

Not all of them have the same amount of CBD within them, so we advise people to be careful when using these. In order to find the best dosage for CBD consumption, it would be best for a person to start small and increase the dosage until the right one is reached. At the same time, you need to seek the proper form of CBD you are actually going to consume. Again, find the product that serves your needs the most based on your preferences and needs.

Thankfully, there are so many of them available at the market. So, you will certainly have no problems selecting the best ones. If you are interested in checking some of the products, pay a visit to thecbdsupplier.co.uk. Anyway, some people prefer to consume high CBD seeds, which is one of the strongest and most effective products. Now are going to shine a light on this topic since there are many uncertainties, even in this day and age. Without wasting too much of your time, let us begin now.



Firstly, we would like to talk about Purplematic, which 0.5% THC and 17% CBD. As you can see, it is highly popular among people who use it as a sort of treatment for various conditions due to the low levels of THC. Thankfully, this is one of the most widespread seeds you will be able to find on the US and UK markets. This sort is mainly made of indica, which makes 90% of all the compounds, followed by ruderalis and Sativa with 5% each. Due to its nature and low levels of THC, this is a seed used by a high number of people who enjoy vaping and consuming CBD through edibles. Surely, we are talking about one of the most popular, highly-focused CBD seeds on the market.

Royal Highness


The second CBD seed we would like to talk about has a pretty impressive name, Royal Highness. It represents a perfect combination of a couple of different strains. In detail, it has 14% THC, which is way more than any other sort on this list of ours. However, the level of CBD in it is more than enough to complement this percentage. It makes sense that it is not as popular as others we’ve presented you with, but make no mistake, this is a highly-focused CBD seed. Probably one of the highest ones you will be able to find on the market. If you don’t mind a high percentage of THC, Royal Highness is surely the way to go.



Now, we are going to talk about a highly-focused CBD seed, called Solomatic. This is one of the strongest ones, with 21% of this compound and 1% THC. This seed was made as a combination of Asia CBD Auto and Diesel CBD Auto. When we are talking about other figures, we need to point out that it has 10% ruderalis hybrid, 20% Sativa, and 70% indica. Since these seeds have almost none THC, it provides a relaxing effect to its users without producing the “high effect” associated with those who have a larger percentage of THC. Also, it has an exceptional flavor due to the combination of wood and ginger combination, which only adds a pleasurable touch to the whole concept.

Tatanka Pure


One of the most interesting sorts that you will be able to stumble across is surely Tatanka pure. Its name derives from the famous Indian Chief Tatanka Iyotake, who was known as the “Sitting Bull”. Without any doubt, this is one of the sorts that have the lowest percentage of THC, with only 0.25%. When we are talking about CBD, we are talking about 14%.  Furthermore, it should be pointed out that we are talking about 30% Sativa and 70% indica. Surely, people who are not favoring THC and its effects are going to find a perfect alternative for many other sorts that have a higher percentage of THC within. In the last couple of years, the sort was inserted with a pleasing combination of bitter notes and caramel, which easily makes it one of the most interesting sorts to date.


Last but not least, we would like to talk about Joanne’s, which consists of 0.75% THC and 15% CBD. Furthermore, it is combined with 50% indica and 50% Sativa. The appearance of this seed on the market represented a revolution of some sort since it was among the first ones that managed to reach 15%. Even though this is one of the best-known ones on the market, it should be said that it isn’t as common as people are thinking. So, people who actually consume it can consider themselves somewhat lucky. In the last couple of years, it comes with sweet orange citrus that provides a whole new experience when compared to the previous ones.

The Bottom Line

Surely, if you are looking for a proper CBD seed and you are not interested in consuming THC, you will certainly have a lot to choose from. Thankfully, this was a trend recognized by a high number of different producers. We’ve presented you with a list of the best, high CBD seeds you will be able to find on the US and UK market.