Ezekiel Elliot Facing One Or Two Game Suspension


Ezekiel Elliot has been involved in some domestic violence investigation that started back in 2016. The charges against him were dropped because the people that were considered to be witnesses didn’t really give the investigators much to work with. But, the trouble didn’t end there for Dallas Cowboys’ star running back as it seems that he is going to have to serve a suspension for a game or two, according to the people close to the situation.

Per multiple sources that are monitoring the situation told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Elliot could be facing a one-game or even two-game suspension, but it seems that the officials still haven’t made any decision and that the decision is not going to get reached until the investigation that NFL has started completes.

“Ezekiel Elliot at this point in time is bracing for a short suspension,” Schefter said. “Maybe one game, maybe two games, but as one person told me, in quotes, ‘It looks like the NFL is trying to pin something on him.”


The choice of words here is pretty interesting. “Pinning something on somebody” usually means that the person that is involved is getting played or treated unfairly. Because of that, this report that Adam Schefter has given us is probably coming from the Ezekiel Elliot’s agent, and his camp as the words that were used are a great sign of that.

The decision is going to be reached in the coming weeks, and we will know whether or not the Cowboys will have to find a way to win their first or/and second game of the year without their star running back.