Ezekiel Elliott Involved In Incident At Dallas Bar?


According to the reports, the Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was reportedly involved in some kind of altercation on a Sunday night at one bar in Dallas, TX. Even though no arrests have been made here, this is for sure not a good thing for the Dallas’ back as the NFL is also looking into the domestic violence situation that Elliot was involved in a year ago.

It seems that not much is known about the things that happened before this incident took place in Dallas last night. Police have confirmed that there were no arrests made last night at the Dallas’ Clutch Bar, the place where the incident took place. People from the Ezekiel Elliot’s camp have also confirmed that no complaint was filed, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. The team was also informed on a Monday morning about this situation and what happened at the Dallas’ Clutch Bar on Sunday night.

The story is that Elliot was involved in an altercation where another person was punched. An ambulance and the police quickly arrived at the site where those things happened, but it is still unclear whether or not somebody got hurt or if anyone was taken to the hospital.


This isn’t looking good for Elliot if he was involved. There are a lot of negative stuff that is piling on his resume already in his young career. There is that situation with the domestic violence, there is also the situation where he pulled down a shirt of a woman in public and now this. Elliot will need to take it easy and consider his actions in the future in order to avoid getting in trouble and jeopardizing his career and the Cowboys’ success.