Best of: Small Cars 2017

Statistically speaking the current market situation states that SUV sales are sky-rocketing and no one can argue with this fact, however, the small-car segment still is one step ahead by holding 18.7% for the first half of the current year.

Let’s talk numbers here, that 18.7% of market share equates approximately to 112,312 sold cars. That means that in 2016 sales were up by 5%. Therefore we can see a clear decrease in sales, but still, this segment remains in the top-five selling vehicles overall which is more than good result.

Top of the selling tier remains in the hands of Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger units, just behind these, we have the Toyota Corolla (19,454 sales, – 5%), Mazda 3 (18,052 sales, -10%) and Hyundai i30 (14,537 sales, -36%)*.
*this decrease was affected by the change to an all-new model.

It is due to the introduction of several new offerings that these three vehicles are going down a downward spiral and they are doing so at a rate bigger than the segment average. Very sharp factory incentives on some old vehicles are to blame too for this.

One interesting ‘dark horse’ that we have seen on the market is the Kia Cerato, a fourth-in-segment, and it made over 10,331 sales, therefore, making an increase of 65%! Kia managed to capitalize here by retaining its aging offer at little less than $20,000 drive-away and all of that with an auto as a part of the package. As a result of this move, this model sky-rocketed upwards.

The next one that is worth mentioning is the Volkswagen Golf standing at 8,994 which means that it is down 17% despite the fact that company had some sharp prices on older models ahead of the recent launch of a facelifted model.

A surprise, so to say, comes in the names of two Japanese rides. Having succeeded at pinching a number of sales from the established few, the Honda Civic (6,563, up 350%!!!) and Subaru Impreza (6,373, up 114%!!) are a true revolution.

Both these cars are extremely superior to their predecessors, and that is the reason why we think of them and their numbers as ‘revolutionary.’

Holden Astra is another novelty which holds the number two spot of European models in-segment after the Golf, and it made 4,735 sales which is a good result, but it is still worse than its Cruze predecessor’s figures over H1, 2016. We do expect the all-new Astra to do good.

The holder of the ninth spot is the good old Mitsubishi Lancer (3,612, down by 14%) and that just goes to show how immaculate mechanics and cut-throat pricing fight off the aging process. This vehicle is just ahead of the Ford Focus (3,243, up by 10%).

Just behind the Ford, we find the Hyundai Elantra (3,203, up by 27%) which almost matches the Mazda 3’s total when paired to Hyundai’s i30.

The sole winner and the leader (of the list) is the Mercedes-Benz A-Class hatch (2,560, up by 6%) just in front of the Audi A3 hatch and sedan (2,483, down by 19%) and BMW 1 Series (1227, down by 17%).

The top 15 is rounded off by the Subaru WRX (1,179 sales, down 10%).

H1 2017 – small cars segment

Model Sales

Toyota Corolla 19,454

Mazda 3 18,052

Hyundai i30 14,537

Kia Cerato 10,331

Volkswagen Golf 8994

Honda Civic 6563

Subaru Impreza 6373

Holden Astra 4735

Mitsubishi Lancer 3602

Ford Focus 3242

Hyundai Elantra 3203

Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2560

Audi A3 2483

BMW 1 Series 1227

Subaru WRX 1179

Mercedes-Benz B-Class 763

Volvo V40 and V40 CC 644

Renault Megane 636

Volkswagen Jetta 619

Lexus CT200h 486

Peugeot 308 415

Holden Cruze (discontinued) 386

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 325

MG6 Plus 257

Toyota Prius V 216

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 214

Skoda Rapid 181

Kia Soul 163

Toyota Prius 150

Nissan Pulsar (discontinued) 138

Kia Rondo five-seat 70

BMW i3 67

Citroen C4 Picasso 27

Proton Suprima S 14

Renault Fluence (discontinued) 2

Citroen DS4 2

Proton Preve 1