Should Ezekiel Elliot Be In The MVP Conversation?

Dallas Cowboys are one of the best teams in the NFC as of right now. They are the winners of six straight games so they can easily be considered as the favorites to make the Super Bowl. Dak Prescott has been sensational so far, and he definitely should remain at quarterback when Tony Romo gets cleared, but he is not the one that has been playing on an MVP level.

Ezekiel Elliot is. This man is leading the league in rushing as a rookie and is also a valuable weapon as a pass-catcher out of the backfield. He is the one that has done most of the damage in this offense, and we need to give Elliot the props that he deserves.

Where should he be ranked in the MVP conversation? Well, there is no doubt about the fact that Tom Brady should be up there. He looks like he will continue to dominate as we don’t see any signs of him slowing down. Matt Ryan deserves some credit for what he’s done for his team, but Atlanta is just 5-3. That is a decent record, but not better than the Cowboys. Still, he is a quarterback, so we need to rank him above Elliot.

Looking at the performances Dallas’ rookie running back is right behind these two. He is gaining a lot of yards on the ground, extending plays and going further even after the contact. Elliot has been one of the Cowboys’ best players so he should be in the MVP conversation. At this moment in time, we have him at third. Surely, Dallas might keep winning games, and we just might have to put Elliot in the top two soon.