Ezekiel Elliot REJECTS Deal Talks with NFL!

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FRISCO – Even though there were reports of talks between the NFL and members of Ezekiel Elliott’s legal team considering a possible settlement of the court clash over his six-game suspension, sources close to the Cowboys running back claim that Ezekiel does not want to make a deal!

Instead, he would rather clear his name of the domestic assault charges that got him suspended. His only goal won’t be the reduction of the number of the games he will sit out!

Although a settlement seemed like a fantastic way to end the litigation since things looked really bad for Elliott, his lawyers now feel that they might have a chance to overturn a preliminary injunction that was supposed to keep him off the field! Instead, Zeke will play the next game, and he may even win the case!

Source: cowboyswire.usatoday.com

Elliott is at the moment ‘protected’ by a temporary restraining order from Judge Paul Crotty that enables him to play until October 30 or at least until Judge Katherine Failla comes back from vacation for another court hearing.

Judge Crotty joins Judge Amos Mazzant of the Eastern District of Texas where Elliott received his preliminary injunction before it was overruled due to jurisdiction infringements and Judge James Graves of the Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals favors Zeke and bashes the league for basic unfairness. Graves was the one dissenting vote in a 2-1 decision that reinstated Elliott’s suspension.

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On top of that, elite RB is advised not to settle for any suspension by the NFL because of the possible loss of guarantees from his contract.

Even though the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones supported Elliott throughout the whole ordeal, he won’t be able to ignore the clause in his contract that causes the forfeiture of guaranteed money with an NFL suspensions!

We still don’t know whether this rumor is true but considering Elliott’s current standpoint this is a real possibility!