Ezekiel Elliott To Play Vs Oakland Radiers


The Dallas Cowboys have decided that they are going to play Ezekiel Elliott in their fourth Preseason game against the Oakland Raiders. There were rumors of him possibly being available just for this match, just like he was last year. The Cowboys protected him in the Preseason last season, and they have decided to do it again, but this time, there are more reasons to it.

There is really no point in overworking him in the Preseason not only because he doesn’t really need it since this guy is an elite player, but he is going to miss the first six games which are causing the Cowboys to turn to plan B. In order for that plan to work, they need to practice with the players that are going to backup Elliott once he returns from his suspension.


He is able to play in this game because the suspension never applies to the preseason. Just like with Tom Brady last year, he is going to be free to play before the regular season starts. It is expected that he is going to see eight to twelve snaps in this game, just to get his “feet wet.” Dallas Cowboys’ starters looked pretty good against the Indianapolis Colts, including the running backs.

Grant it, Morris and McFadden are not as good as Elliott, but they are going to combine their forces with that massive offensive line that the Dallas Cowboys have in order to power through this suspension that Elliott has. Once he returns, we expect him to do the same thing he did last year. This is going to be the first step that he is going to take in 2017 – Preseason game against the Raiders.