Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens – Preseason Week 3 Predictions


The Buffalo Bills kind of don’t have a direction right now. The team was decent the last two years, but still far from impressive. Now, it seems that they have taken a step back on the offensive side of the ball while the defense has failed to meet the expectations. When you combine all of that with the fact that some of their former players are making a big impact on the divisional rivals, especially the Patriots, you have a team that is in a world of trouble.

Sammy Watkins is not on the squad anymore. They did get Jordan Matthews who is a big target for Tyrod Taylor who is not quite as good as Watkins. Still, the Bills future looks quite decent as they are going to have a lot of great picks in the upcoming draft. It just seems that they aren’t really focused on this season. It is all for the future.


On the other hand, it doesn’t matter who is hurt and who is not for the Ravens. Whoever they put on the field, it seems that they perform on a high level. They really had a lot of success in Week 2 matchup with the Dolphins as they stomped all over Miami. Now, they will be looking to continue riding that momentum.

They don’t know whether or not Flacco is going to be ready for the regular season opener, so it is important for them to test out other signal callers, especially Ryan Mallett. This is a big game for him, and we think that Ravens are going to do quite well in Baltimore. Ravens will win this Preseason game with the final score of 27:14.