Ezekiel Elliott is under suspension and that is well known thing. What we do not know is where he will spend it? According to reports, apparently not in the U.S.!


Everyone, including us, covered the Ezekiel Elliott suspension story. He is definitely out, and the punishment officially began with this RB missing out the Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, something Cowboys felt directly on their skin. Thanks to the suspension Elliott has to stay off the field until Christmas Eve, but there is a chance that the court will rule differently on December 1st when Elliott has his next appearance there.

But until that point in time Elliott will stay as far away from the U.S. as possible, or at least what we found out thanks to the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. He stated that “I am told he is leaving the country to an undisclosed location to completely reset, clear his head, train and come back in late December for the Cowboys in the best shape he has been in.”

The start of the suspension couldn’t have come at the worse time. The Cowboys started excellently with a three-game winning streak until they hit in the wall called the Falcons, last Sunday. Cowboys had a 5-3 record trailing the NFC East-leading, 8-1 Philadelphia Eagles, and Elliott just found his form and tempo which was shown through him rushing for over 100 yards in three of his last four matches (with 93 in the fourth) for a 126.5 rushing average over those four games.

The America’s Team is currently seventh in the NFC, and Jerry Jones is, instead of turning his attention and headlines to Elliot, devoting them to his grand battle with other team owners over the contract extension for Commissioner Roger Goodell. According to the Post’s Mark Maske and Kent Babb, we are apparently in the middle of a revolt that shows hardly visible cracks inside the NFL while it’s being constantly hit by controversies that threaten to crumble what was once considered an unassailable business model. But don’t get this wrong, this is more than Jerry Jones trying to seize all the power and control from, who he believes, is an overpaid commissioner. This is more the deal where one of the most powerful NFL owners is questioning the judgment and intentions of his colleagues. Clearly, and without twisting it, this is pure war. We now definitely understand why Elliott has decided to get away from all this conundrum. Very far away.