Ezekiel Elliott – The U.S. District Court Denied Leagues Appeal

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The Elliott vs. NFL is like a boxing fight. It has all the excitement around it and has rounds to be won. The latest round was won by Dallas Cowboys star running back. The U.S. District Court denied Leagues appeal to deliver an immediate stay on the decision for Ezekiel Elliot injunction. With this ruling Cowboys player will be able to play for his team.

The legal battle now moves to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals based in New Orleans. The NFL keeps its stand on the case, and the appeal on the injunction was already delivered to the above mentioned Court. The league considers this case of the utmost importance, and hence they are asking for an emergency order. The decision should be made as soon as on Tuesday morning.

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At the moment, Judge Amos Mazzant’s ruling in which he granted Elliott with the injunction is still valid, and Cowboys RB, the 2016 Rookie of the season, is still allowed to play.

Back in August, the former Ohio State prodigy was given a six-game suspension by league commissioner Roger Goodell. This decision was made after a full year of investigation in which NFL found enough evidence to connect Elliott with a domestic violence case. He was charged with physical attack on his at the time girlfriend Tiffany Thompson on several occasions.

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In the midtime the NFLPA also filed an appeal on Elliott’s behalf, stating that he should be allowed to play while the final decision is made. On the other hand, the league wants him off the field, while the court works on its final decision. Their reasoning lies in the fact that they are claiming that irreparable damage could be made to the NFL’s credibility and reputation. The NFLPA says that no such harm will be done if the player is on the field while waiting for this case to be finished.

The battle continues on Tuesday morning when more will be known. For now, Ezekiel Elliott played in both Cowboys games so far. Considering how bad he was in the outing vs. Broncos, it is evident that the current situation is starting to affect him.

For the greater good of NFL, Elliott, and Dallas Cowboys, we hope for a speedy resolution.