Dallas Cowboys Are World’s Most Valuable Team!

Source: www.businessinsider.com

There is nothing surprising about the fact that the Dallas Cowboys stand at the top of the league when it comes to value. The Cowboys have been holding that title for 11 years straight, however, according to Forbes they are now the top-valued team on the globe! Yes, you read it right, the Cowboys are on top of the world!

Total worth spiked for about 14 percent in the last year which makes them worth $4.8 billion! Considering that they are ahead of New England Patriots ($3.7 billion) for more than $1 billion we’d say that this comes as a major success of the whole franchise.

AT&T Stadium (Dallas Cowboys Home) – Source: stadiumparkingguides.com


1) Dallas Cowboys – $4.8 billion

Source: www.dallascowboys.com

2) New England Patriots – $3.7 billion

Source: si.com

3) New York Giants – $3.3 billion

Source: www.giants.com

4) Washington Redskins – $3.1 billion

Source: ftw.usatoday.com

5) San Francisco 49ers – $3.05 billion

Source: ninernoise.com

Let’s talk numbers again! Each NFL franchise on average is worth $2.52 billion, and there is a clear increase of 8 percent compared to 2016. The league owes this success to new stadium investments, stadium renovations, and exuberating rights fees.

Another interesting fact is that every team playing in the NFL is worth at least a billion dollars. Buffalo Bills are at ‘the rock bottom, ‘ and they are worth ‘only’ $1.6 billion. Compared to baseball, American football is clearly a sport that pays off much better. According to Forbes, the average baseball team is worth $1.54 billion.

The team with the biggest increase this year is Atlanta Falcons. They moved into a $1.5 billion all-new stadium, and that caused 16 percent jump when compared to the figure at which they were last year.

Source: www.goal.com

When taking a look at all teams in the world in every sport the Cowboys only have a threat in New York Yankees who are worth $3.7 billion. And that isn’t really going to affect the Dallas franchise since they are leading by a large margin. Yankees should watch their backs because the Patriots are soon going to match their value. Behind these teams, we have European soccer giants – Manchester United, $3.69 billion; FC Barcelona, $3.64 billion; Real Madrid, $3.58 billion.

Do you think that sports teams should be worth this much? Are Americans giving away too much money to sports franchises? Feel free to leave a comment below!