A 3.6 earthquake strikes Los Angeles on Monday night


Los Angeles was hit by a minor earthquake whose epicenter was located in the outer part of the city.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake’s magnitude of 3.6 struck the city on Monday night. The epicenter was pinpointed at around 3.6 miles away from Westwood. Even though this earthquake didn’t cause any particular turmoil or destruction around the city, people did feel the ground trembling beneath their feet.


The news about the earthquake was brought to the Internet, especially on Twitter. For instance, even some famous people such as the actor Josh Gad commented on the quake. He said that instead of seeing whether his kids were fine, he got his hands on Twitter first.

Craig Ferguson, who was hosting “Late Late Show” also made a joke on the news. He said that this small turmoil had him “sitting up in bed with an automatic weapon waiting for zombies.”

The news spread very fast becoming thus a trending topic on Twitter the day after the earthquake.