Ezekiel Elliott Will Focus More on Football


Ezekiel Elliott is going to try to lay low since he was a topic of many newspaper articles a lot of times and we are not talking about his success on the field. Even before his debut for the Dallas Cowboys in 2016, he was accused of domestic violence, but luckily for Elliott, those charges were dismissed in Columbus criminal court. However, NFL picked up where prosecutors left off, and the league’s probe into the allegations has continued.

In addition, Elliott was spotted trying to buy illegal substances in Seattle, but it appeared that he left the store empty handed. Following that, Ezekiel pulled down a woman’s top in a Dallas area at St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Also, he has often been connected to various parties, plus he was involved in two car accidents – even though he was just a passenger, some media tried to put the blame on Zeke and his doings before those accidents.

When you become such a big star as Ezekiel Elliott, you will be on a cover often, and this is what this guy had to say, via The Dallas Morning News: “Just kind of want to stay out the way. Whatever you do is going to be seen. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past six weeks.”


So, is he going to change? Well, at least he realized that his actions have consequences and he will definitely try to lay low. “It’s just life,” Elliott said. “You learn from your mistakes. If you don’t, it can be brutal. …Definitely, this game we play is brutal, especially at my position. You got guys like [Jason Witten] and [Darren McFadden] who can play forever, but you never know when your time is going to be. So, you have to take advantage of what you have and right now.”

Even the Cowboys’ running back coach Gary Brown has seen an improvement in Elliott’s behavior: “He’s slowed down a little bit,” Brown said. “He understands the opportunity that is before him. … I’ve seen him get more into his craft.”

Ezekiel Elliot is going to try to break the record he set last season with 1,631 rushing yards and 15 TDs. And he will try to stay out of trouble. We will see how that goes, anyway, good luck Zeke.