Dak Prescott Is Top 10 NFL Quarterback, says Ron Jaworski


Once the NFL offseason starts, there is not much to talk about, but you can always look back at the last season or speculate about the upcoming one. Also, you can argue which player is the best and compare players at different positions.

However, there are some things that are nearly cemented such as the faith of the Browns in the upcoming season (I feel bad for the Browns fans) or the Jets’ road to playoffs – of course, they will not make it. However, there are numerous interesting topics to cover, and one of them is whether Dak Prescott is one of the 10 best QBs in the NFL right now.


Even though Prescott has only played his rookie season, NFL analyst Ron Jaworski is convinced that he deserves to be in the top 10. Jaworski talked with Ed Werder on The Doomsday Podcast and said that he will not become a top 10 QB because he is already on that list.

“I mean, he’s a top-10 quarterback right now based on one season of play,” Jaworski said. To say this takes courage, but he is correct. Let’s see. There are quarterbacks such as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees and Cam Newton which are definitely elite. There are three more blanks, so who would you add?

Andrew Luck could be added to the list, but I bet most of you think he is currently not in the top 10, but he is nearly here. We could add players such as Philip Rivers, Dak Prescott, and Derek Carr, but this would mean that Matthew Stafford and Eli Manning are not top 10 quarterbacks. If you disagree with these three picks, feel free to comment below.

According to Jaworski, Dak Prescott is only going to improve as seasons pass by mostly due to a talented Dallas team and coaches around him.

“You look at the weapons that [Prescott] has around him: I always say the quarterback is a dependent position. You depend on other people doing their job so you can do yours,” Jaworski said. “When you look at the people that [offensive coordinator] Scott Linehan has put around him, and Jason Garrett has put around him, it starts with the guys up front. You got a [Tyron] Smith, a [La’el] Collins, a [Travis] Frederick, a [Zack] Martin and now a Chaz Green going to step in probably at that right tackle spot.”

In addition, Jaworski says that Prescott isn’t under a lot of pressure thanks to Dez Bryant and even Ezekiel Elliott so he doesn’t have to carry the offense which means that he can relax on the field.


“They’re going to run the ball first, then they’re going to throw the football with the play-action pass and you’ve got a plethora of players that can catch the football, that are smart, that read coverage well,” Jaworski said. “You look at Dak and the weapons around him, I mean, how can you not be excited about the future of the Dallas Cowboys, particularly on offense?”