Facebook boasts of many benefits its Analytics has for developer, others


A plethora of tools have been given to developers to enable them grow as well as build mobile apps. New SDKs and APIs have been released with the expectation that developers will build upon them while making its exposure more prominent. In this world of today in which we have all manner of whistles and bells, marketing magic, growth hacking as well as a data-driven world, what appears to be more important is to know the people that are actually making use of the app.

We all saw that Facebook made available it Analytics for Apps during the F8 conference for developer, which is mainly used to compare with Google Analytics, but in this case, made for apps and the audience data as well as the device that has  the highest usage and other information that is necessary for marketing campaigns. CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg disclosed that Facebook integrates 95% of apps that are found in Google Play and App store. From available data, the social network is powering not less than 800, 000 apps.


There is nothing unique with Facebook’s analytics space since many others are doing well in the same field. What the company takes pride on is that they have extensive database of users as well as expertise surrounding mobile apps that are scalable and used for a lot of things. The company also makes boast about being deliberate as against having ambient signals. They said that apps will be furnished with information on what is their interest, who they are, their friends and other information that are important when they make use of Facebook’s social graph. This will enable them target their audience more appropriately.

The company also boasts of making available the age, country, description of jobs, relationship status, etc of the users of an app, as well as their preference. Facebook also claims that it can help developers achieve success with the data available to it.

Tracking app is quite different from doing so on mobile or on web and takes cognisance of geography.

When it finally launched, Facebook will make available tutorials on the product to marketers, developers or anyone else interested so that they can be acquainted with the tool. You can easily detect how many people made used of the app on Android from a country like Germany, however, it is another thing to be able to merge that data with additional events and metrics that have been tracked for the purpose of making the right decisions, making corrections or for development in future.

The company’s representative also said their conversations on expanding analytics to apps that are in the realm of virtual reality, things on the internet that are connected, and maybe even for bots.