Better Rookie So Far – Dak Prescott Or Carson Wentz?


Four rookie QBs made their first start of their career this season. Trevor Siemian is the starter for the Broncos, Dak Prescott is Cowboys‘ replacement for injured Tony Romo while Carson Wentz is the new face of the Eagles while Jacoby Brissett got his chance in Week 3 against the Texans as he replaced Jimmy Garoppolo.

Siemian was great against the Bengals, but in first two weeks, he didn’t look as impressive as Prescott and Wentz did. That’s why we are leaving him out of this conversation. But, if he keeps playing like he did in Cincy, Broncos’ signal caller will jump in the talks quickly.

Wentz has had great performances against Browns and Bears, but many people have said that those teams are nowhere near a true test for a Quarterback. Well, he did have a great outing against a Super Bowl contending Steelers. He is showing a great poise in the pocket, really nice deep ball capability, and has his favorite target in Jordan Matthews. That is huge for every QB, especially a rookie signal caller.

Prescott, on the other hand, is probably not as good of a thrower as Wentz is, probably doesn’t have the arm that Eagles’ QB does. But he is a better playmaker than Wentz as of now, and for sure can run the ball better. Dak also has his favorite receiver, and it seems like that is Cole Beasley. Not the best WR on this team, but that is a good thing as he makes Beasly look better than he actually is. His best option is Dez Bryant and that connection is just getting better and better.

Both of these guys have thrown over 90 passes in the NFL till now, and haven’t made a single interception. Prescott holds an NFL record of 99 passes without an INT while Wentz is right behind him with 96 passes with no picks.

Right now Wentz probably looks just a little bit better. This system is based on his abilities and on what he can do and can’t. But Prescott has huge upside in him; he should be the starter when Tony Romo comes back. It would be great to see Jason Garrett and Cowboys feature him more in the offense and run some read-option plays. This offense and the system hasn’t deferred to his abilities so far, and it would be interesting to see how he would look if that was the case.

Wentz probably gets the nod here because of his record and that big-time win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but Prescott is right there and could take over as soon as next week. And don’t forget Siemian. He is in the game as well.