HTC Ocean – new series of smartphones leaked!

If you have kept track of recent development surrounding HTC, then you must know that they have launched Desire 10 Pro and Desire 10 Lifestyle mid-range smartphones during the last week. There have been some recent indications that the company is working on a new series of smartphones under the name HTC Ocean and that they are planning three new devices with code name Ocean Master, Ocean Note and Ocean Smart.

Although there are not much available information about these smartphones internet is buzzing from a leaked concept video from an HTC product designer Danelle Vermeulen. In that concept video, we can see a smartphone without any buttons and with touch-sensitive controls on the side. For those who do not know this is called Sense Touch feature, and with this, you can pretty much do anything from playing music, adjusting volume, make calls, launch apps from Google Assistant and much much more. The clear absence of the home button on the concept suggests the possibility of a fingerprint scanner embedded in the display or the sides of it.

The leaked video showed us one more feature that has been forgotten by the HTC, and that is dual camera setup. In the video, you can see a dual lens system, on the front and the back of the phone meaning that the HTC is bringing it back to life again since its first debut in 2014, after which it was soon stopped. What must be very clear is that this is just a prototype and that there is a big chance that it never sees the light of day. On top of that we need to add that the page which leaked this concept is no longer available but thanks to the speedy response of the “hackers” it has reached YouTube and other websites.

HTC stands as one of the innovative and quality smartphones manufacturers, and this leaked video shows that they still are and that they still care. We just hope that this concept smartphone will not get canceled due to this leak because it really looks awesome.