Facebook breaks the ice with ‘Conversation Topics’ on Messenger, new feature

image source: independent.co.uk

Facebook had introduced a new feature on its messenger app over the weekend. It is called “Conversation Topics”. This enhancement features insights on your friend’s latest activities on the social network so that it gives you an idea on how to start a conversation with that person. Mark Messina was the first to encounter this new Facebook feature. He has sighted the development when he was using messenger on his iOS phone. He immediately Twitted about this new Facebook invention.

This new section of Facebook messenger still is currently under observation. Hence, not everyone will be able see this item on their messenger apps just yet.

If you happen to see this new feature on your Facebook messenger app, here’s how you can recognize these conversation topics. They show up below the name of your Facebook contact. The entire section possesses its own home screen on the app. It will also show when such contact had last been online.

Suggested conversation topics are usually about the places that your friend had last visited or any event that they had attended or are planning to attend. However, it could also be about a song that they have just listened to or a video that they had seen.

The motivation for the creation of this new Facebook feature on Messenger is to improve the communication experience between Facebook friends. It helps you to initiate a conversation with a new friend on Facebook or get back with old friends that you have not spoken with for quite a long time. It somehow replaces the regular News Feed in getting updates on your friends’ whereabouts. It is even better because you wouldn’t need to go through all the trouble of scrolling through the cluttered pages which are often filled with many unnecessary content like ads and other links to topics that doesn’t appeal to you at the time.

And Facebook just doesn’t stop there. The social networking trendsetter is continuously working to improve its services. The company hopes to create more features on the Messenger that would help its users to connect with each other better.

image source: venturebeat.com

The same person who had first discovered “Conversation Topics” also had discovered some code hidden in the Messenger scripting which would point to another promising feature for the app. It seems that Facebook is studying to create public chat rooms that would center on providing a place for people of common interests to come together. This project is yet unclear though.

Nevertheless, all these improvements only show Facebook’s dedication to their mission of connecting the world.