Zipwhip SMS messaging with landlines, gets $9M for Microsoft, etc.

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A neophyte telecommunications company had seized the hearts of many big-shot telecommunications and networking firms over its new innovation.

Many businesses are facing a major concern towards a majority of their clientele. Most of them are using only their mobile phones as principal means of communication. However, these companies still use landlines to communicate with their customers. Thus, it has become difficult for them to reach out to this certain population in the market. Fortunately, Zipwhip was able to devise a solution to this problem.

Zipwhip is a simple, startup enterprise which began its operation in 2007. Yet, it was inspired to develop a new text messaging program in answer to the needs of many business and the society at large. When it had made known of its project, the company was able to gather a nine-million-dollar worth of investment funds from various corporations.

Voyager Capital lead this project called Series B. It is then supported by Microsoft Ventures as well as other telecom service providers.

Although Zipwhip does not wish to reveal its true worth after this venture, it was proud to declare its outstanding growth in revenue due to this project. It had reported an astonishing three hundred and fifty – six percent growth in its annual revenue at the start of the year. The volume of text messages coming in and out of their communication system amounted to three hundred percent. It also confessed of having piled up a return profit of $400,000 every month and it is of high hopes that it will get $10 million return profit before the year ends.

Initially, the company only had $8 million in investment funds. But it was able to attract many business owners who make most of their transaction over the phone. Hence, it was able to build up a wide customer base for this text messaging venture. Insurance companies and professional practitioners comprise the majority of its customers.

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Zipwhip somehow owes a part of its success to the surge of mobile messaging apps. Several of these companies are looking for favorable circumstances to employ ZipWhip’s framework to improve communication with their customers. Hence, Zipwhip is considering the proposition of turning messaging into a business-to-consumer communication tool. The wouldn’t necessarily have to create an entirely new messaging platform. A simple enhancement to existing messaging apps which enables business the option answer phone calls would suffice.

Zipwhip has not been freed from competition with this endeavor. HeyWire stands across it in the marketing arena with the backing of Salesforce. However, with the support of Microsoft, it is confident of its success.