Facebook Inc (FB) CEO Expect Wearable To Replace Mobiles In Next Ten Year

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg hosted his third town hall Q&A session, which was also his first international. At the Q&A session, he took questions from the audiences and discussed social network and the Internet.

Facebook in next ten years

When asked about the possible changes in the coming ten years to the social networking site, Facebook CEO said that very soon there will be “few different big trends” that would change the way how we connect. The company’s top most priority for now is bringing internet to the rest of the two-third of the world, which is deprived of the facility, within the next 10 years.

Zuckerberg threw light on a very important fact that the platform for accessing Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is changing every now and then, and just like it shifted from desktop PC to mobile phones, in same way it would again change to something else in the next 10 years.

“We can imagine there will be another platform that’s more natural and more built into our lives than right now” he said. He believes that the next platform would be a wearables like the wrist and eyewear, but it won’t be as weird as the ones we have at present.

Do we need ‘I’ve read this button’

Mark was asked if it was possible for him to install an ‘I’ve read this button’ so that the users do not have to read same posts over and over again. The fact that Facebook’s News feed is not in order has drawn negative feedback from many of the users as it creates a lot of confusion.

Zuckerberg explained that this is because many people do not log in to their Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) accounts all day, and with hundreds of friends there are hundreds and thousands of stories, and most of those get missed by the users from checking. Hence, when they do find time it becomes important that they get to see the most important and the interesting ones as well. Zuckerberg pointed that the company gets “a lot more complaints when we don’t rank the feed.”