Facebook Inc (FB) Prohibits Aggressive Image & Video Posts

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has recently (in December 2014) taken a giant step to prevent the circulation of violent and aggressive media on its website. In accordance with the same Facebook has started introducing a warning message over such videos and images with comments like, “The media containing graphic content can shock, offend and upset. Are you sure you want to see this?” Moreover these videos cannot be played automatically in feeds unless and until they are clicked.

The social networking website has taken steps to restrict such sort of media from being revealed to the teenagers who have acknowledged themselves as below 18 years of age.
But as per some experts this won’t be an effective measure as the members below the age of 18 years can become a part of this social networking site by entering the faulty particulars while signing up.

Worldwide Criticism

The company has been experiencing regular criticism for quite a long time from almost all the parts of the world, for permitting the posts of some violent and non acceptable media on its website. Moreover, last year in August the Syria hullabaloo which included images of people’s skull been placed over thorn, was into limelight and the most discussed post then. Not only this, the post was so disturbing that Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) had to warn Facebook to have check over its practices.

Words of Appreciation & Suggestions

The step taken by the firm has been welcomed by many organizations all from different parts of the work domain. Childnet International is the first one to appreciate the step taken by the social networking giant.

As per the CEO, the step will help in restricting the media content to a certain mob as there is an 18 age-bypass.

There are also some suggestions wherein Dr Arthur Cassidy, a psychologist suggests that the images and video clips containing extreme violence should be utterly barred.