Facebook Inc (FB) Good Source to Mine For Business Leads

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is the platform for you to search for something you need to buy or a referral for a task or service. And if you are small business or work independently, there this is where all your leads are huddled.

There are many times, as buyers of services we prefer to work with a contractor or visit a doctor who is referred to by a contact, than someone just off the telephone directory.

This human tendency to trust suggestion is true nearly 79% of the time, claims HubSpot, especially on social networking sites.

So, if you own small businesses or a service provider, with the right mining tools you have a wealth of work coming your way.

What right tools?
The tools in this context are called Needls. This is a startup which mines hundreds and thousands of queries, sorting through the vocabulary to locate the services end-users need with long-list of contractors ready to deliver services. Needls is a Canadian startup, which has just received $85,000 from its government towards it’s IP to build jobs.

Needls, is where you need to be, if you are looking at social media to drive your business. They are delivering leads to businesses with a two-tier costing tag. The first is the $65 subscription which will deliver x-number of leads, while a slightly higher priced service at $85 will not only let you get the leads, but will also allow you to reach out to multiple geographic areas as well.

Needls is able to match the referrals that friends could make, or do not have the information to make such referrals. It is in situations like this when service providers can gather leads and offer their services via Facebook Inc or Twitter Inc to contact and close the deal. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is a good platform, say the startup Needls people; however it is on Twitter where much of the leads are closing.