Why Some Businesses Are Moving Away From Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) recent updates to its algorithms means many things on the social networking site are set to change. These are changes that are upsetting many small businesses to the extent that they would rather keep away from the social website.

What are these updates/changes?
While there are many, there are three main updates which appear to have irked small business working on the social platform.

One of the first immediately noticeable update is the Newsfeeds feature. It will now feature more stories from the same source. This has been put in place to manage news feed of such users, who have very few friends. Therefore, news stories and content from the same source will now be displayed in more numbers.

The second update is to see Friends’ Updates. The feature will allow you to always see your friends’ updates and never miss a post.

Third update to the software is quite harmless actually. It only ensures that the tag-end of the Newsfeed, which usually has a line on somethings that we’ve liked, will no longer be there to annoy you.

These update(s) apart, the main problem with this social network is its latest craze to push you users’ to share posts. Not many are taking lightly to being persuaded to like a post. Neither is the earlier drive to view a video only if you share it, acceptable.

Analysts and industry insiders believe that the sweeping change the network is making is not very conducive to run a business. The very people who are driving the profits Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) makes are being affected by these algorithm updates as they are hugely limiting the scope of use of the website. Are the days numbered for the website, which is unsure? However, if the website persists in making changes which users are going to find low ROI and revenue, then it is likely to lose its popularity sooner, than later.