Facebook Inc (FB) Inaugurates An Office In Indonesia

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has inaugurated its office in Indonesia, which is its fourth-largest market with 65 million registered users. A report from Daily Social reports that the social networker already has key executives on board in the Southeast Asian country, including a country manager, ‘growth manager,’ and engineers. However, physical presence in the region will help Facebook to boost its hiring and ramp up the dealings with the local community.

“Today we’re announcing that we’re opening up a new office. It’s our first office in Indonesia, we’re opening that in Jakarta, it’s over in Pacific Place,” Facebook Vice President of Asia Pacific Dan Neary said.

Physical presence to boost ad revenue

An office, in Indonesia, would also help the company to boost the local ad revenue. The executive said that the company will focus on e-commerce among SMEs. Facebook-based shops are quite popular in Southeast Asia, primarily in Indonesia, which is proving to be a boon for the country’s tourism.

As of now, Facebook’s main objective is to increase its advertising sales, so one could expect more hiring on same lines, which is currently handled by Komli Media.

In a statement, Neary said, “It’s very exciting because when we look at Indonesia, it’s one of our priority markets for expansion, so it’s exciting to think about how we’re going to grow that business over time.”

Increasing presence in Southeast Asia

In 2010, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) opened an office in Singapore, which is the company’s first office in Southeast Asia. The social networker, also, has a physical presence in Malaysia. Overall, the company has 13 offices across the Asia Pacific region.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has had a local staff for at least a year, when the company hired Daud Aditirto, from Opera Software in 2013, as the company’s growth manager for Indonesia. The social networker also hired Anand Tilak, a former Google employee, as the country manager. However, the engineers for the region are based out of Menlo Park in California.

Facebook’s announcement to open an office in Indonesia comes a day after Twitter’s head of content for Asia Pacific Christel Quek revealed that the company might open an office, in the region.