Facebook Inc (FB) Introducing New Ads in the Right-hand Column

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) today announced that it’s rolling out a new design for ads in the right-hand column in the next few months.

Facebook said that the aim is to make the ads visually appealing and consistent with the ads that appear in News Feed. The ads will be larger in size and be more like desktop News Feed ads and there is going to be fewer of them. Seems facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is more after fewer ads but quality, size, and the position of the ads.

“The new look of the ads, along with their new distribution, is intended to offer a better ad experience on Facebook. In early tests we’ve seen increased engagement — up to 3X more — from people seeing the new design.” Facebook said in a post on their business blog

For advertiser, this will be a much easier way for them to create ads on the right-hand column and who knows, since the size will be larger, even video ads can now be possible.

Facebook also said that advertisers will be able to use just one image for both News Feed and right-hand column because the new updated ads resemble the overall shape of desktop News Feed ads.

According to the social network giant, advertisers will start seeing the new option later this month with the rest of advertisers rolled out later this year. Facebook said it will support both the old and new format during the new transition.