Facebook Inc (FB) To Be Majorly Video In 5 Years: Zuckerberg

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) News Feed seems loaded with videos as of now, but this is going to be even more loaded in coming days, and what we see at present is just a beginning. On Thursday, in the company’s first community Q&A, Zuckerberg said, “In five years, most of [Facebook] will be video.”

Better infrastructure for richer media

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the company was asked if the increasing number of photos uploaded on the website was affecting its infrastructure in a negative manner, and in response to the question he gave the reply mentioned above. Zuckerberg said that all of it is covered by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) data center. He believes that the only real challenge the company has to face as of now is to bring about a massive improvement in the infrastructure that will allow it to introduce media in the news feed of people, which is of a richer nature such as videos.

A group of Facebook users were invited to the company’s headquarters in California and they asked Zuckerberg questions face to face while few other users submitted their questions online.

The question that was bothering most of the people was – why was Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) making it mandatory for its users to download the Messenger App designed for mobile. To this Mark said that the change has not been welcomed by many others.

“Asking everyone in our community to install another app is a big ask,” he said, but “We really believe this is a better experience,” Zuckerberg said.

Zuckerberg on Facebook losing its glamor

Another major question posed to the CEO was if the social networking site was on a downfall in terms of popularity. This question is not a new one and had been there from quite some time. To this the CEO responded that he never launched Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) with the aim of making it cool. Rather he designed it with an aim of helping people and serving their needs.

A casual question asked by a guest was why Mark always used to dress up casually in same t-shirts and hoodies. To which he replied that he wanted to focus on things that mattered like building a better product that would be of some help to the people rather than on unimportant issues like the costume he wears. “Steve Jobs had the same approach,” he said.