Facebook Inc (FB)’s New Photo Uploader Can Add Text And Stickers To Your Photos

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has long been trying to improve its photo uploader to allow users give some cool effects to their photos before uploading. One such feature the company was trying to add was text overlay. It is now clear that text overlay will soon be available to the social network users as the feature completes its tests on iOS. The feature along with some cool stickers is now available on iOS.

The Photo Uploader and Swipe Feature

An essential feature of any photo editor it the filters it offers. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) lacked in this department. But with latest update of the photo editor, this feature is made available. Not only can the user add text over picture but they can also apply filters just with a swipe across the screen. This swipe across the screen feature is similar to the app called “Snapchat”.

The filters are available as “Auto”, “Vintage”, “Spring”, “Summer”, “Fall” and “Winter” and “Snow”. The vintage is nothing but the sepia tone. “Spring” filter increases brightness. “Summer” gives a golden tint to the photos. “Fall” features an orange glow. “Winter” filter slightly flattens out the photo. “Snow” basically makes the photos black and white.

The user can drag a finger across the photo to try different photos. Thus, a single image can have multiple filters applied. Though this full functionality is currently limited to a few users of iOS, the company plans to launch the new photo uploader soon. The current photo uploader on Android version features basic text overlay and stickers but lacks any filters.

The Snapchat Pursuit

Ever since Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) lost the acquisition bid for Snapchat, the company is closely following the messaging tool. It has even tried to imitate features like poke and re-sizable emoji. Snapchat has continued to grow with new features added periodically. Some believe Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is trying to build similar features on its own.

Sources: Techcrunch