Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Accidentally Confirms Parse For IoT And Messenger As a Platform

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) F8 Conference tomorrow’s major update was accidentally revealed today. Earlier Facebook Inc had announced that all announcements at the F8 will be available on all of its products. Perhaps, in preparedness for tomorrow, a text update appears to have been accidentally released. The text revealed that Parse for Internet of Things, Messenger as a Platform and Teleportation Station are now open.

Thus far, several technology experts had forecast that Facebook Inc would evolve the Messenger into a platform for other services. However the possibility of Parse platform for the internet of things has now whipped up frenzy in technology world, as it was expected to be feature of F8 Conference.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) moves to expand its horizon would prove to be true, if the text revealed today, becomes the reality at the event. Besides, much interest has been envisioned in the acquisition of another recent product, Oculus VR.

Parse, has been working on the theme of Internet of Things for some time now. It is viewed as the platform where connected products of Facebook Inc can come together.

However, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is now viewed by users and investors alike to offer something special in the Virtual Reality segment, ever since Oculus was added to Facebook’s product suite. Facebook Inc itself has been very proactive about this product, inviting developers to test Oculus VR. The VR head has been doing the demonstration rounds in recent times especially around the new Cresent Bay edition.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) venturing into the realms of Internet of Things ventures has been unexpected. Though there was much talk of IoT in Facebook back in 2013, in recent times much of the focus has been on Virtual Reality and Oculus’s capabilities. As expected, the functionality of Messenger will now be extended and it will become the platform for host of other features to be bundled with it. All of this will be true, if, the accidental message is confirmed at F8 Conference on Thursday.