Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) About To Make Deals With News Giants


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been quietly discussing its plans to tie-up with leading news providers over the past few months. The move seems to have matured to definite deals that will impact the website’s user experience in next few months.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is world’s leading source of social media content. This social network has attracted news publishers all over the world as it provides reliable and engaging traffic. Currently, media companies use the website’s comment functionality to engage authentic readership with their news content. This increases and ensures steady traffic to the web post as well as helps the news go viral.

However, the upcoming decision of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will bring a storm in news industry. The company has decided to take a step forward in engaging its users on the social network instead of leading them to external sites to read news stories.

The company has begun to hold discussions with leading news and web content providers such as The New York Times, Buzz Feed, National Geographic and a few others to allow third party content hosted on its website. The discussions are ongoing and many more media companies will join the program over the next few months.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is seeking to increase the user satisfaction by bringing the news content right on the website while redefining the way news is presented. This new program will be beneficial to both the parties as the publishers will be able to display advertisements along with the content. These advertisements will give more control to the content providers. The company is taking efforts to ensure a win for everyone in the industry through its new program.

However, whether this program proves to be a milestone or a failed venture is still to be seen, at least for next few months. Until then, the company has plenty of time to test the new format. The company has not made any official announcement regarding the said discussions, as yet.