Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Draws More With Carousel Ads For Mobiles

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) the social networking site has extended the availability of its exciting new carousel ads for the mobile platform as well. In an official blog statement the site provided deeper insight into the value-addition the carousel ads have brought to campaigns.

The carousel advertisements have been advertisers’ meal tickets to faster conversion ads but at costs of a single ad. That is to say the carousel ads with their links saw nearly 20 to 30% of users clicking on them. For advertisers this mean that much lower costs per click in comparison to the single-image link ads. Additionally, these ads also saw nearly 30 to 50% lower costs per conversion.

The Carousel Format For Facebook Ads is now available for the Mobile platform now, given the success of these ads on the other form factors.

Besides, creatively it was helping advertisers to drive better engagement and achieve different marketing goals. The new mobile-based carousel ad will support 5 images with links. The carousel format which is interactive is attention grabbing and will help in direct response as well as brand awareness marketing. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) blog added that mobile app developers will continue to have access to the ‘same ad format’ to install the app as well as to engage in the ads.

Facebook Inc noted various ways the advertisement format can be used on the mobile format. These can be used to highlight brands, products as well target different audience.

The blog noted that the developers can access the API for the Mobile app installation as well as engagement of ads in the carousel format. It also lists the various tools which developers can explore to creatively develop the advertisements.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has rewritten the rules of digital advertising, by making social networks the center of the advertising universe. Each new API it launches is another step to consolidating its lead in this space over other networks.