Apple Inc. (AAPL) Finds The Top Place In Greenpeace Energy Report

Apple Cupertino headquarters

The tech giant, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), has been given the top-notched place in the energy report prepared by the environmental watchdog group Greenpeace. There were total 13 companies judged on the basis of corporate environment initiatives taken by them. Apple grabbed the top place with 100% CEI (clean energy index) for its A- grade transparency and renewable resources.

Apple’s Initiatives

Apple is the highest grossing manufacturing company in the world, but its awareness towards a clean environment is appreciable. Recently, it announced that it would start working on its new data center backed by solar energy in Arizona. The company will also start working on its new data centers following green energy concept in Ireland and Denmark.

In order to take its green-energy initiatives to a new level, company’s CEO Tim Cook announced sometime back that Apple’s new headquarter in Silicon Valley would be equipped with the 2900-acre First Solar array. It is expected to cost around $900 million to Apple. It’s not something Apple has decided recently. The dream of having late Steve Jobs first saw such power-packed headquarter; Tim Cook is just trying to materialize his dreams in the best possible way.

Greenpeace’s report is titled “Clicking Clean: A Guide to Building a Green Internet.” It has placed Yahoo Inc. on the second place with 73% clean energy index due to company’s light use of non-renewable energy. The internet giant Google has grabbed the third spot with 46% score due to its dependence on public utilities. Google has data centers spread across Carolinas, Singapore, Georgia, and Taiwan, but it doesn’t use renewable energy to generate electricity.

Other companies that have been included in this list are Microsoft (39%), Amazon (23%) and Oracle (17%). The primary reason for Oracle’s worst score in this list is its dependence on those utilities that use coal-powered electricity.