Tesla Motors Inc’s Powerwall Might End Fukushima-Style Catastrophe

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There are strong possibilities that the newly launched Powerwall by Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) might end Fukushima-Style Catastrophe. As per the reports, the following question appeared originally on Quora- Did the Tesla Home Battery just kill nuclear power? Mike Barnard answered this question in as simplistic yet insightful way as possible.

What He Said
It didn’t look that difficult in the first place, but for a guy who belonged to Energy background, it was an important topic to share his thoughts. Barnard simply answered the user saying, “Not, as far as I can tell. It just added another nail to the existing coffin perhaps.” According to him, the best way to keep the prices of home energy under control was to fill home unit daily for a decade as soon as it discharged.

This way, the prices of energy could easily fall below 10 cents per KWH. Even if a couple of other charges are added to it, the price won’t go above 20-30 cents per KWH.

If these prices are compared with the new nuclear on real time basis, one can easily figure out that they are much more expensive than the current nuclear prices. The home product is ready to make its way into households, but if the trends outside flakey grids are taken into account, it doesn’t seem to be a viable product from financial point of view.

The developed nations can afford to get off the grid by opting to pay higher prices in the long run, but if the home product is compared with the grid, the latter beats it easily. Grid is the perfect solution now, and it will continue to be the perfect solution in the future as well. It’s great that Tesla has shown the guts to enter this field, but the traditional grid won’t go anywhere.