Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Face Recognition Will Now Name You

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has updated its cool ‘face recognition’ feature called DeepFace. The new rollout of services shall name or ‘tag’ your photos, without your help; that’s how sophisticated it is.

Deep Face Recognition?

Deep Face is a technology tool that has its roots in Israel developers at Face.com, which uses a standard face picture to develop a 3D model of the face. The model was then matched with a database (neural network that was developed from 4,000 faces and 4 million images), using sophisticated algorithm.

The technology is so powerful, that Deep Face, recognition accuracy is nearly 97.25% in a mass of unknown faces.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) roll out of this, maybe controversial feature is currently for US users by end of the week. It will remain unavailable to European users, as the Ireland has a strict Data Protection Authority (DPA) which objected to this feature back in 2012 itself.

According to security researcher, Lee Munson, Facebook is likely to user the new feature to help identify its subscribers, when ‘new photos are uploaded.’

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will send out an alert to users if their photos appears in the over 400 million pictures that the social network is weighed down by each day. Users then have the option to alter their privacy settings, ensuring the shares of the picture on friends timelines or otherwise is blurred.

Though, there is no official comment on the feature rollout, Facebook users do retain the right to alter their settings. They can choose to disable this feature, at the Facebook Settings menu and choose the Privacy features. Here under the question of ‘tags’ with specific reference to sharing of photos that are resemble user, the option of ‘No One’ will reset the highest privacy standards.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) features continue to explore technology avenues and build applications that users can accept to use or refuse!